About Us

Mission Statement 
 At Southern Steel, our mission is to glorify GOD in all that we do, 
first and foremost. 
We must remember that we are Christians first and artists second. 
We believe in keeping a clean and sterile environment 
in which to do tattoos and body piercings. 

We are here to serve our community in any way possible; 
for no other reason than the fact that it is the right and just thing to do.
 We believe that we should continually educate ourselves 
in the art of tattooing and piercing in order to provide YOU 
with the best available service. 

 Also, at Southern Steel, we feel it is best to keep a non-threatening,
 family oriented environment. 

 With that being said, please enjoy our site, and check back for updates often. 
God bless! 
 We at Southern Steel Tattoos pride ourselves on maintaining a 100%  cleanliness 
rating from the Department of Public Health. This means you  can rest assure that 
the work we do for you will not make you sick and you can feel comfortable in our
 shop knowing that we maintain the highest degree of quality 
in every aspect of our service. 

 To review the Department of Public Health's reports on our shop, click here